pic: Vex-sized tubes for Mini-FRC!

A comparison between the actual size and our vex-sized version made out of a pool noodle. The brown tape will be replaced with fabric tape and spray painted to determine alliance ownership.

Check out more about Team Checkmate’s Annual Mini-FRC event here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51316

Be careful, spray paint and certain kinds of foam don’t get along very well. I’m not sure what pool noodles are made out of, but you might want to test it to make sure you won’t melt them.

Otherwise, it looks like another exciting year of Mini-FRC!

Great idea! I put together a VEX scaled playing field of the game this year and we couldn’t find anything to use for the tubes so people on the team just cut cardboard circles.

We used a Rust-oleum Paint for Plastics that seems to be working well with the pool noodles. After letting it dry overnight it covers well and has shown no signs of deterioration. So, we’ll see how it goes - they don’t take long at all to make.

what length have you been cutting the noodles to before shaping into a circle? I plan on making 1712’s bot for this year and and not sure on the noodle sizing.