pic: Vex Swerve


my first attempt at a vex swerve, this is only half, still need to build the other half.

anybody have any suggestions on how I can set it up so that both motors are on the inside instead of on the outside. Right now the way its set up both motors with hit if on the inside.


You would have to widen the wheelbase for that to work.

yeah you’re going to have to put two smaller gears next to the larger stearing gear, one on each side. let me know how that kit works for ya.

Expand the base and place a communicative gear between the two 60 tooth gears your using right now.

You can run a chain around all 4 wheels, this way you dont need gears, and the middle is open.


made some changes http://www.ontfluidpowerltd.com/vex_swerve2.jpg

testing video, still need to get another set of the swerve to finish the back (video was taken from my cell, so its a little fuzzy)

that’s nice! what’s the speed of those wheels when they are mated to those VEX motors?

Seeing how the wheels are attached directly to the motors, and assuming that the final speed under load will be 85% of the motor’s free speed:

100 rpm x 0.85 x 2.75in diameter x pi / 12in per foot / 60 sec per min = 1.02 feet per second drive speed.


quick question, since I know nothing about programming. Right now the way its set up is that the right joystick on the controller will be used to control the steering. Is there a way where I can get it so that the left joystick will control all 4 wheels?

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but to do this without programming you would have to use two y-pwmconnectors and then hook them up in the 3 and 4 pwm slots on the microcontroller.