pic: Vex Team #80 - The CircuitRunners

Challenge & Competition award winner at The Duluth (Peachtree) Regional 2006. Thanks team 4 for picking us and 198 for playing with us. We won as a TEAM!

I noticed in the description that FVC 80 won both Champion and FIRST Vex Challenge Award (which, for the uninitiated, is the FVC equivalent of Chairman’s). FVC 171 did the same thing in Orangeburg, as did FVC 935 in Arlington.

Each of them share a school with an FRC team (80 with FRC 1002, 171 with FRC 1539, and 935 with FRC 935), and all happen to be in the South. (The northernmost team would be 935 in Kansas.)

I won’t even try to make heads or tails of it, but I just found it interesting. Either way, congrats to the CircuitRunners!

Of course congratulations to team 171 and your alliance partners. I did a little investigation and found out they were teams 4 & 111. Team 4 was gracious enough to pick our team to be their alliance partner at the Duluth, GA VEX competition. Incidentally team 4 I believe, is all females on their drive team, way to go!

Congratulations to teams 935 & 1148 for the win in Arlington. I guess there was not a 3rd alliance partner?

Dave :slight_smile: