pic: Vex Triple Play

So I got bored one day, and I started thinking about how this year’s Vex challenge was a miniature First Frenzy. Then I started thinking about a miniature Triple Play game, and well, you can see the rest. It all works really well too.

Hey, my team is going to do exactly the same this week. We mainly do it because we want to play around with the Camera and decided that doing it with the vex kid might be way less dangerous than with a 120 pound Robot :D.

How did your caping work out?


Wow that looks like great fun. I personally am going to bookmark this thread so next year I can see if the Vex field looks anything like this.

Actually, I talked with one of the Vex guys at the demo at Champs and he clearly stated that Vex is NOT about copying previous FIRST games. They will have unique games just like Lego League.

It caps just like the FRC robots with a similar grabber. It takes a little time to get used to it, but I can get about 3 tetras in 2 minutes. (note: I have crummy batteries to deal with)

Thanks everyone for the kind words!

Wow thats pretty sweet
Im glad im not the only one that builds robots with Knex :smiley:

looks way cool!! seem to look better as a smaller version…you can now always do a lot of protyping with vex…who knows what crazy games they’ll throw out for the Vex teams…

great job again!

that’s pretty cool. K’nex is awesome, and I have over 5000 pieces of them (probably closer to 4000, since a few got lost :yikes: ). The only problem is that K’nex can only make right angles, but it seems you have solved the problem.

I used rubber bands at the apex wrapped around all three pieces. It isn’t perfect, but it’s alot cheaper than making some real connectors out of plastic or something.

Really cool idea, looks like a lot of fun. 116 is running a mini-vex game at several outreach events, and we considered doing that, but it invloves a lot more effort than a game that can be played with “square-bots” without arms. So we did something very similar to the pit challenge they were running at championships.