pic: Vex Wrench

We really needed a pair of pliers, but could not find one. We did have extra Vex parts though.


<want> … me wants dat … </want> :stuck_out_tongue:


p.s. How well did it work?

Very unique and creative. =)

It reminds me of 306’s makeshift hacksaw, very nice!

That is awesome!
I am impressed…

so how long did that take to make?

impressed, vivek

Oh, it only took a couple minutes to pull some random Vex parts together and build it, but it didn’t exactly work for anything besides pinching people.

Um, not to be picky and all, 'cause that’s kinda cool, but isn’t that a pair of Pliers and not a wrench?:confused:

Never use pliers in place of a wrench!


Yeah, I accidentally typed wrench instead of pliers. I fixed everything but the thread title, which as far as I know I can’t do.

Ah, the VEX pliers live… and I thought you lost that picture…looks at how they where built, takes notes for future reference

Well they did work well for nuts and bolts for a little, until the handle started to slide, then it was only useful for pinching; not to say thats a bad thing really, it’s quite fun to sneak up behind someone and grab their ear…

takes note Don’t go ANYWHERE near the Skunkworks team! end note