pic: Vex

So since my birthday is right around the corner i took advantage of the vex sale and gave myself an early present. This is also going to be used for testing the vex game that is going to happen at the Ra Cha Cha…look for the rules in early august.

:eek: Wow, I sure wish it was my birthday.

Hey Greg, my birthday is June 12th. I would like a tank tread kit, another chain and sprocket kit, ya that would be it for now. :slight_smile:

you forgot some extra motors

trust me you need alot more motors

Mmm Goodies!

Looks like fun just opened my Vex starter kit.

I used to play with Vex’s daddy when I was in high school and that was fun, sad part was the last robot I built; I never got anyone to program. :rolleyes:

My Crab Drive

Anyway I got a the starter kit five days ago and I just ordered some stuff on radioshack.com today.

So far I I spent $242:

1 starter kit
1 wheel kit
2 omni wheel kits
2 gear kits
3 motor kits

I yet need to buy the battery kit, programing kit, maybe two tank tread kits, some sensor kits, and maybe two sprocket kits.

Call it $400 even when I am done or about the cost of another hobby grade rc truck.

What’s going on at Rah Cha Cha?

:yikes: :smiley: :yikes: :smiley:

There is going to be a vex competition at the Ra Cha Cha. We are going to be releasing the rules sometime after the championship giving everyone time to build some bots and play. The interesting thing is that anyone is going to be allowed to play regardless of age and affiliation. Although depending on how many people of each age group register we might have age groups. Look for details in the future.

That is a GREAT idea! I really, really want a VEX kit… I might have to take advantage of these low low prices.