pic: Victor/IFI Logo


The other day I was examining a broken Victor that we had. When I removed the fan I noticed what you see in the picture.

I began to wonder…

Which do you think came first, the Logo or the Victor Layout?

Sorry, I don’t see it…

EDIT: Sorry, I am stupid. I was thinking of the FIRST logo. Yeah, my hypothesis is that their first product was this victor doodad and they made their logo accordingly.


Now which came first, the logo or the speed controller?


Here is a piece of the logo taken off a banner at the top of the CD page.

Maybe more will see a resemblance now?

I’d seen this a while back, as the team I was on had a knack for destroying Victors. :rolleyes:

I think the Victor was their first product, and the logo came out of the design, but both were marketed at the same time.