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AngelBotics 2017 robot, “Riptide”

Sweet looking robot guys! Can’t wait to compete against you in Denver!

I want to ask you… what is your team’s theme this year? (or am I not allowed to know?) From looking at (what I assume is) your climber drum I would guess The Cat in the Hat. But you guys did The Lorax/Dr. Suess last year so… I’m going to venture a wild guess and say that you’re all going to come dressed as… Candy-canes!:smiley:

Very nice looking robot guys! Good luck this year

Are those belts made of leather?

They indeed are. :slight_smile:

Absolutely sick looking robot, guys! Can’t wait to see it in action!

Our theme this year is actually surfing. Completely counter to the steampunk thing, I know.

The red and white striping is for motion verification, much like a jet turbine would have a spiral.

Yes, the belts are leather. We are experimenting with other options for competition, so they will probably be taken off by then. The overall idea with this robot is to pick up gears off the floor and one end, then deliver them to the peg from the other end.

My favorite parts:

  • Belt-in-tube drive train, open at each end for easier replacement.
  • Active gear holding and release; pilot doesn’t need to remove the gear from the robot, as the gear is placed deep on the spring by the robot.
  • All gussets were designed and CNC cut by students. Well, everything was designed, cut, and assembled by them. We did have adults apply the powder coat.
  • I haven’t seen another robot like this yet, and I doubt I will. I love the creative thinking on my team!

Awesome design! Super excited to see this in person at Denver (especially love the leather belts). Best of luck to you guys in Utah.

Sweet looking robot, can’t wait to compete against you guys in Denver!