pic: View of 842's Shoot

The balls will climb up this shoot, you can see the polychords on the top of the picture and towards the bottom you can see your ABS and pneumatic tubing used to grab the ball.

Very nice! What’s driving it? I can’t see a motor in this picture. It’s hard to tell exactly from the viewpoint here, is it narrow or wide configuration?

How tall is the conveyor, and how many balls can be held on its interior? If I were to estimate based on the picture, I’d say around 8 or 9.

It appears this picture and the next are both from your robot, and based on that I’d have to say fisher price driving the lift in the front, a window motor driving the back, widebot configuration. Sound about right?

Fisher price for the front (shorter belts) and a van door motor for the rear belts.

We went with narrow and ackerman steering.

The conveyor is just under the limit, and it can hold about 6 -7 balls (yet to be tested).

Everything but the wide bot config was right. (I think the pic angle may have thrown you off)

BTW we are using a prototype chassis, so the drivers can get practice while builder work out the kinks.

are you guys still using the pneumatic piston to shoots the ball in?

Yes we are! 3/4 bore 8 inch stroke, 25-30 psi

Hey, it looks like that u have a piece of lexan resting on the ground that would allow balls to be pulled up into your bot. But isn’t it illegal to have anything other than the kit wheels to touch the ground?

undoubtedly they will mount it higher then i ground, all you have to have is it’s lower lip lower then the center of the ball, which is 4.5 inches, so they have plenty of wiggle room

If you look at the other picture, it looks like they don’t have any wheels down. So it’s probably going to be a little higher.

And as for the illegality of anything other than KOP wheels, unpowered sensor wheels that don’t provide resistance (either free-swiveling or omni-type) are allowed for the specific purpose of information gathering only. Anything else is illegal.

…NICE! You guys are fast, we’re 3 weeks into this and you already got ur shooter done, thats incredible. Wonder how ur frames doing though:cool:

How much does the entire assembly weigh? It looks like around 40lb from here.

Thats a very cool design to get the orbit balls around the field.
I was wondering about the weight also…but also how tall is your overall “bot” for lack of a better word haha…?
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The Robettes 2177


Looking very good. Question about the polycord material - is that the green ‘rough’ variety found at McMaster? What diameter did you all use and can you tell us about what worked better and what didn’t in your testing? We’re looking into making our polycord purchase soon and any information would be very helpful!