pic: View of our Harvester 842

This is the view the ball will have right before we pick it up.

how did you attach the FP motor to the shaft? my team is working on attaching one for our picker-upper.


Looks like they used a piece of PVC pipe and cut slots in the end of it.

Out of curiosity, how well does the Window motor powered belt work? We’ll have one assembled with that motor by the end of the weekend, I’m just curious if it’s fast enough in practice (our math said it is).

Depends on what you define to be “fast enough”. The Denso motor has a free speed of 84 rpm’s. If we assume the rollers will run at that speed (ignoring friction in the system), with a 2 inch diameter roller, and belt on both sides (ie sandwiching the ball), thats a travel rate of about 8.8 inches per second. For our system specifically, this simply isn’t fast enough for us to be competitive, but every design is different. Looks great 842! Teams like you and 1726 should get special recognition for the openness you both have with your design process.

PS. I realize you did get the 2008 Chairmans Award, which is pretty good i guess :rolleyes: , but maybe a ribbon or something would be nice as well…


nice we have a similar pvc wheel design. bu we are using a piston to get the balls to the top of our system.

that bot looks really cool from the front.

That looks like a clean design. How does it work with multiple balls in the chute? We were worried about rolling the balls against each other and having the straps on the balls catch on each other.

Looks good, have you done any tests?

Is that chassis really legal? You might make the 2/3 rule, but certainly there’s a rule that every corner must be protected by bumpers (at least 6 inches) on each of the corner, right?


There are already numerous debates and threads and posts about the bumpers on 842. This thread is about the harvester.

Please refrain from commenting on their need for bumpers.

Thanks -

Haha, they most definitely know this by now. I believe they plan to install flat front faces on both sides in order to mount bumpers on them.

Sorry didn’t see it :X

I love the swiss cheese design on the frame, thats allot of weight u took off. :cool:

That’s not their frame…

I really like the design, are you worried about multiple balls clogging your design?
Very nice job, good swiss cheese holes —> Good Call!
Best of luck this year,


We got a PVC coupler that fit nicely on the outside diameter of the FP motor spinning shaft thing, drilled some holes and it mounted nicely. To give it a little more we filled on some JB qwik. From the PCV coupler we poped in the some ABS the fit the diameter and put a bolt through that.

Take a look -

HAHA, thank you