pic: Vinyl Heat Transfer Bumper Numbers

This is our first year upgrading to vinyl numbers and we are very satisfied so far!

Looking good guys! Funny enough I’m cutting out ours right now :).

Out of curiosity, are you using Cordura for your bumpers, and if so, where are you sourcing your vinyl? Asking because I’ve had some pretty terrible luck with heat transfer vinyl on Cordura.

I’ll have to confirm what the material for the red and blue fabric are, but it may be Cordura. The green fabric is for sure canvas. The vinyl comes from another department in the school that has the tooling for the cutting and heat transfer. I’m not sure from where it is sourced, so I’ll have to get back you on that.

My team started using vinyl last year after painting them for years and they looked great. They really held up against everything we put our robot against last year, and we are about to finish ironing on the last set of bumpers tonight. We are using the slick bumper material, nylon material, and we had to do some testing to get the time just right and not melt the nylon, but the final result is amazing.

Thanks, I appreciate you looking into it!