pic: Virginia's Claw Grip Test

Testing how strong the grip is, team members took turns trying to kick the ball out the grip to no avail

Holy mother of grippers that thing is huge!

That gripper is simply beautiful! Believe it or not, it looks a lot like ours…

Only one problem: The actuator lifting it in the photo isn’t legal for competition…:rolleyes:


No, Paul can be bought by any team :smiley:

Is that a single 2" bore cylinder actuating the claw?

Ouch, that’s gonne smart…:stuck_out_tongue:


How about exceeding the weight limit??

(No, this isn’t burn Paul week…)

Does he run off a 12V battery? How about a 7.2V one? What about the RC? Does he fit in the box?:smiley:

Well, we informed him about the “Swiss cheese method” of weight reduction, but he thinks it’s a diet.

As for control, like all American males, he is one with the TV clicker we are using this year.

You all will be AMAZED by 2108’s grabber. Its simply beautiful.

Does the arm and gripper go up high enough to reach the rack to put the ball on at the end of the game?

I want a paul. How hard is it to program him? Can we use mplab, or is it easyC only?

Nice design though. I’ll have to show it to some of our guys, see if we don’t borrow your idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Paul comes complete with wife and kid. It’s difficult to keep the weight and height limitaions witin compliance.

BIG claw, Little Bot. Should be interesting.

The hardest part is figuring out where to plug in the serial cable. :rolleyes:

Wow that is really one huge gripper.
The question is though, how much time does it take until it grips the ball and gets hold of it ?

And of course, is there compliance with the limitations of dimensions ?

Does it fit inside the starting dimensions of the robot?

Also, does it fit within the 80-inch cylinder?

Curiosity’s going to kill me one day, but this just looks plain cool.

To date, our projections show that it will fit within the foot print as well as the 80 inch cylinder. Keep in mind the picture is the first prototype. The current claw is sleeker and weighs consideralby less.