pic: Virginia's Claw

Made of thin plywood separated by pvc posts. This is fast and easy to make

That might be the most intimidating manipulator FIRST has ever seen.

any chance this is strong enough to pick someone up?:smiley:

the only criticism I can come up with is that I wonder haw well id would do if hit by a big fast bot?:confused:

the only concern i have is the 80" rule. That is wicked though. We prototyped our grabber with wood as well.

Do you plan on hurlding?


May i know how? Because i dont see how.:rolleyes:

I imagine (I have not seen their actual design) that this claw is mounted on an arm of elevator of some type, and that they thusly get the ball up to above 6.5’. From there, I guess they probably either knock / throw or drop it over.

Arm, yes. See the other picture–the one where they are trying out the grip.