pic: Virginia's Pnuematics

Here we have mounted the four clippards with the three solenoids. Virginia’s DREAM is the name of the bot.

I’m always impressed how your team gets 10 pounds in a 5 pound sack! :slight_smile:

Any hints on what the pneumatics are for?

[Edit/] I’m assuming a manipulator, any information on the design?

Why Virginia’s Dream?

I was wondering when someone was going to ask that.


Sorry, but I could not help but notice your “FIRST document downloads” on the site. Are you sure you have permission to do that? Wouldn’t want you guys to get in any trouble…

thanks, Vivek

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Thanks for answering my earlier question about the name of this year’s robot, that is quite a story…wow…

It’ll be fun to see what the pneumatics are connected to, I haven’t had time to poke around your web page to look for clues.

We got our cylinders today, so we can start our real prototype tests tomorrow, hopefully.

Great progress 842!

i like pnuematics