pic: Virtual Squarebot

I really can’t understand why my wife thinks I spend too much time on the computer and playing with robots!

Caption from the gallery …

Very nice detailed model Petek. My wife feels the same way but I don’t have anything this cool to show for my efforts … :wink:

Is that CADed or 3DS Max/etc?

If its CAD, Inventor or SolidWorks or even AutoCAD?

and are models available?

Hey, that’s mighty sweet. I would really like to see the entire robot when/if you are finished.

i am thinking that is Autodesk Inventor.

nice job on the parts.

could i get those parts for inventor to plan my vex robot ahead instead of testing and cutting the metal the wrong size?

amazing job.

Get 'em while they last:
There are just a few parts so far, but I’ll put more up as I model them. They are in Inventor 10. And sorry, but I will not be creating versions with older revs of Inventor. Other caveats: the 60T gear isn’t complete - I still have to do the curved slots, no guarantees on accuracy (let me know if you find errors).

My ISP is still living in the 90’s (10 MB on their server) and there aren’t many choices here in the wilds of upper Bucks, so this will only be up until the next time I need the disk space.

Hey, for those of you with server space and a hunger for Inventor Vex parts, I suggest you hop on board with Pete and offer to host what he models. FRC Team 103 won the Inventor Award under Pete’s leadership and I know him well enough to say that if he gets a reliable offer, he’ll probably be more motivated to model parts. Right, Pete? :wink:

That’s the Kres we know and love: commit someone to something and then ask them to volunteer! Yeah, I’ll be making some more models, and if someone with server space wants to host them, fine with me. Is that a VEXCADlibrary kicking in the womb?

I can probably permanently devote about 10-20 megabytes on my team’s website to Vex Inventor parts by Pete. I am not sure of the exact size of the space on our server, but right now I have about 620 MB worth of files on there. Would 10-20 MB be enough? The parts so far are only 2.4 Mb, so a complete Vex Inventor Library shouldn’t be too big.

Nice job so far on the parts! :smiley:

what if you just use gmail? use it as a server? just send an email to yourself
just set up an account like VEX parts or something and have a password that you pass around

I have 100 Invites to give out, so if you need one let me know

i will host them on my www.midnightinvention.com server…but if the bandwidth gets to high we will have to find other options.

The average file size so far is around 300KB, but the motor is 711KB (with unused styles purged) and the 60T gear is over 1MB (involute teeth have a lot of detail). Can I upload to one of your sites or do you want me to email the files?

If you email them to me, I can get them hosted on team228.org

Also, I just remembered this. Do you have a Geocities website? You can host up to 15 Mb there, and you can have up to 3 Gb/month bandwidth for free. All you need is a Yahoo Account. Maybe you could make a Yahoo Account called Vex-Inventor-Parts or something, and then set up a free Geocities account.

I am still waiting myself for Google to offer free web hosting. Afterall, if they will give you 2.6 gigabytes of free email and counting, they obviously have a lot of free server room. I wish they would have free 100 Mb or 250 Mb web hosting service. Then again, there is all this talk about Google Base, which appears to be a free database by Google in which people can use as a “database for everything”.

EDIT: See this link for more information about the Google Base file upload. It appears that Google Base will allow users to upload virtually anything they want! No file type restrictions, no definite file size limits, all for free! Now we just have to wait until Google makes Google Base publicly available. :rolleyes:

:wink: … I prefer the title “Facilitator”


As long as I’m pushing buttons out there, why not REALLY press my luck and suggest something …

Don’t forget Sevaa’s gracious hosting offer for FIRST related sites for free…
Boy would it be great for somebody out there to register a domain for a tiny sum through Sevaa (cough … vexcadlibrary.com OR petesvexparts.com OR …)

It looks like we’ve got 2-3 people here that would share the site creation/admin duties and I’m sure Pete’s efforts will encourage others to get in on the fun…

www.vexcadlibrary.com was just registered and will be up shortly. :wink:

Greg, You rock!!! Pete, tell your wife it’s all my fault. She’s used to that explanation by now … :slight_smile:

Stay tuned! I’ll be sending files to Greg to post on vexcadlibrary shortly - after I get done purging unused styles, etc. and compressing them. Following Greg’s suggestion, we will post STEP as well as Inventor 10 versions to accomodate users of other applications and earlier versions of Inventor.


It is so very gracious and professional, and much appreciated, for all of you to work together to provide these models, but I thought I would let everyone know …

I learned a couple of weeks ago that all of the Vex kit parts have been created in Inventor 10 and will be available online shortly from Radio Shack (www.vexrobotics.com) and/or IFI (www.vexlabs.com) . Unfortunately I don’t know anything about scheduling at the moment but I will try to find out more details. Until then I’m sure this coordinated effort will be a big help to everyone … Thanks again!

I will mirror on my site for dual access also, I’ll download from the vexcadlibrary then repost on my site here cadlibrary. I have a couple hnudred gigs of space so bring it on.

also peter is you wish you can/could just email the files to me also, maalderink@hotmail.com


edit: The files are there and I will continue to upload as I get them.

If anyone else has files they need hosted just email them to me or PM me, I have unlimited bandwidth and virtually unlimited harddrive space.

I like to help

Check this out: