pic: Virtual Squarebot

nice find. I knew that they were working on it. Unfortunatly vexcadlibrary fell into the “I have way too much stuff on my plate right now” catigory. Hopefully when i get some time in the offseason i am going to pick back up with things. The goal of my site was also to provide space for people to upload their drawings and make it a community effort. But for now please use vexcad.com for all your needs and know that vexcadlibrary will hopefully be up soon.

We have lots of additional models to post, but just haven’t had the time to upload them. The entire site is planned to get an overhaul.

Future plans for vexcad.com involve integration with an upgraded vexlabs.com forum, as well as with the vexrobotics.com site. User uploads, “build a virtual robot” sites, as well as postings of “professional” designs are all planned.

Stay Tuned.


Check out this thread:


It looks like Carnegie Mellon has made drawings of most kit parts.
McMaster-Carr has drawings of screws and nuts.

However, I’m still looking for drawings of all the accessories. In particular, the sensors.