pic: Visible AM Shifter

Here is the second render. Just after I finished this render and closed down Creo I noticed that the ouput gear was in backwards - oh well…

:open_mouth: This is a beautiful render. I use Creo Elements as well but I haven’t played too much with the advanced rendering as it takes quite a while.

What did you do to get it to look like this?
Did you select materials for the color?
What setting did you use for the render? Maximum?
How did you CAD the chain? Did you download it from somewhere?

That is one beautiful render, great work :eek:
Now my question is can you do that in Solidworks ^^ or am I going to need to install CERO…

I used machined steel for the gears, blue tinted glass for the plates, black glossy plastic for the encoder, some parts were chrome. I use white glossy plastic for the walls, celing and floor. They have lots of material choices that look good. (One thing I found was that too much shiny stuff doesn’t work - I tried chrome plating on everything once and it just didn’t look good.)

Getting the lighting to look good is probably the trickiest part. Run some draft renders to get it close but you’ll probably have to do a few high quality renders to get what you want.

I haven’t use Solidworks so I can’t comment on it’s rendering capabilities. However, it is easy to import step files into Creo to try rendering. I’ve heard that PTC is going to release the next version to FIRST soon so you may want to wait for that.

I built the chain model myself - it was a bit of manual work. PTC has a UDF for chains available but I haven’t tried it yet.

EDIT: Also, the gear teeth were modelled using the spreadsheet I posted a few months back. (I discovered a minor bug that keeps it from working correctly - everyone who downloaded it must have been too polite to complain.)

Awesome work Tom!!

I’ll continue refer to it as ProE until people stop knowing what I’m talking about.

It is a bit of strange deal. PTC spent 20 years or so building the Pro/E brand name and then changed it twice (first Creo Elements/Pro and then Creo Parametric.)