pic: Voronoi Diagram of Michigan Districts LP

Detroit Area Voronoi Diagram for the 2016 Districts. Should be close to what FiM call home district. Just for discussion topic, as we wait for our homes to be announced. Shows influence of new Marysville district on teams, along with the elimination of Bedford on down river teams. Just a talking point, not part of FiM decision makers.

I saw the PNW district diagram, and never heard of a Voronoi diagram I thought I would check it out. I used the site http://lpetrich.org/Science/GeometryDemo/GeometryDemo_GMap.html but could not figure out how to save the data points, so it would be more dynamic.

I was interested in seeing how the new Marysville district impacted the home venues for some of the teams we typically run up against. Also with the elimination of the Bedford district, what impact that had to the down river teams.

Also the tip of the thumb data is inaccurate, as has them competing in Saginaw, but interesting.

Has this actually been confirmed?
There are only 18 districts currently listed for FiM, and I expect anywhere from 20-22 for the 2016 season. My assumption was that they had not agreed upon a hosting week yet.
If confirmed, anyone know why they are pulling back?

The absolute straight-line distances don’t take into account that sometimes “you can’t get there from here.” For example, the tip of the thumb is split off, presumably to the Standish event, when in reality it would be much shorter for them to go to Marysville, Flint or Midland.

Gary: the other half of the state does show Standish as the thumb tip’s “home” location.

Nothing confirmed, just going by what is posted as of today on http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/regional-events

It may be that they are holding it in reserve to see how many rookie teams get added.

Just based on what is published… and that registration for home events opens this Thursday.

Seeing the current schedule has:

4 events week 1 Kettering, Southfield, Standish, Waterford
2 events week 2 Gull Lake, St. Joesph
3 events week 3 Centerline, Escanaba, Midland
4 events week 4 GVSU, Livonia, Marysville, Mason
3 events week 5 Howell, East Kentwood, Troy
2 events week 6 Woodhaven, Traverse City

It would seem if they need to add it would be week 2 and week 6.

When I first looked at this I thought there was a typo, as they had 4 week 1 events, and only 2 week two, but now with Week 4 with 4 events… I think it is not in error, they will have to have 4 fields in Michigan.

It all depends on how new rookies are added and how many rookies are still viable after the 1st and 2nd years.

My understanding is that Bedford district will not be occurring this year. I also believe that the other events are just about set, but just have yet to be announced (hopefully FiM will be forthcoming with that information, oh wait they’ve never been forthcoming with information).

I heard a semi-official rumor that there will be something like 20 district events this year. No idea where they will be (fingers crossed for Sault Ste. Marie)

Using some math, 18 events can support 18*40/2=360 teams (assuming 40 team event, 2 plays for everyone). Last year, Michigan had 347 teams. So, if the state grows by even +14 teams, they will NEED a 19th event. Midland moved from week 2 to week 3, but that may well have been a schedule conflict coming up at Midland itself (and not necessarily working around an unannounced event).

Speaking of being forthcoming, has FiM ever released a list of who was assigned where in past years or do you just have to infer based on when teams register?

I have not seen a list published. About 5 years ago I asked for our home event be changed from Waterford to Kettering. Kettering was (and is) a sponsor for the team, and we wanted to build on that relationship.

We were denied, I looked for the information published at that time, and could not find any.

I have not looked in earnest since then.

The Gary edit. :slight_smile:

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5680/21434541128_72749f84d6_b.jpg](https://flic.kr/p/yE6CiW)tip of thumb edit by Scott McBride, on Flickr

How do districts work in Michigan? Do they have to play their 2 events in their smaller sub-district or are these sub-districts showing how the teams inside their sub-district will probably go to their events in their sub district? Does that make sense? Haha. Thanks

This map is just a distance measurement of what is probably your “home” event (ie, the event closest to you). At initial signup (this Thursday) we get to accept or reject the home event. At second event signup, we get to pick any other one that has room.

For example, for the last two years and this year our home event is Escanaba and our second closest event is Traverse City. But last year (because shenanigans) we went to Kentwood as the non-home event. And this year, Traverse City being a week 6 is making us look at other options.

But no, there is no sub-districting (this map’s subdistricts are for administrative purposes and have no bearing on teams).

Edit: Seeing you’re from Indiana - having a map like this is nice because we have a metric ton more events than Indiana with a more interestingly shaped state.

That information for the 2015 season is available in the below spreadsheet. It was sent out last September 23rd (2014), so it’s not perfectly up-to-date (e.g. rookies don’t have numbers). I don’t have and am not aware of any source for this information for any other year.

Team Number	Home		Location of the Team's School
240		Bedford		Monroe
1023		Bedford		Temperance
1528		Bedford		Monroe
3547		Bedford		Monroe
3773		Bedford		Tecumseh
4395		Bedford		Dundee
5144		Bedford		Adrian
20150199	Bedford		Camden
20150247	Bedford		Milan
123		Center Line	Hamtramck
453		Center Line	Clinton Twsp
818		Center Line	Warren
910		Center Line	Madison Heights
1189		Center Line	Grosse Pointe Farms
1941		Center Line	Detroit
2048		Center Line	Detroit
2591		Center Line	Detroit
2673		Center Line	Detroit
3096		Center Line	Detroit
3175		Center Line	Grosse Pointe Woods
3398		Center Line	Detroit
3619		Center Line	Detroit
3632		Center Line	Detroit
4507		Center Line	Detroit
4758		Center Line	Detroit
4779		Center Line	Marine City
4811		Center Line	Madison Heights
4815		Center Line	Center Line
4851		Center Line	Detroit
5065		Center Line	Hamtramck
5068		Center Line	Detroit
5073		Center Line	Detroit
5197		Center Line	Detroit
5214		Center Line	St. Clair Shores
5225		Center Line	Eastpointe
20150052	Center Line	Detroit
20150220	Center Line	Detroit
857		Escanaba	Houghton
2153		Escanaba	Chassell
2586		Escanaba	Calumet
3602		Escanaba	Escanaba
3617		Escanaba	Marquette
4375		Escanaba	Ishpeming
4391		Escanaba	Gladstone
4392		Escanaba	Brimley
4715		Escanaba	Cooks
4827		Escanaba	Negaunee
4835		Escanaba	Manistique
4970		Escanaba	Harris
4995		Escanaba	Paradise
20150257	Escanaba	Wilson
1677		Gull Lake	Kalmazoo
2054		Gull Lake	Hopkins
2767		Gull Lake	Portage
3542		Gull Lake	Bedford
3658		Gull Lake	Battle Creek
4325		Gull Lake	Three Rivers
4327		Gull Lake	Battle Creek
4368		Gull Lake	Vicksburg
4381		Gull Lake	Richland
4408		Gull Lake	Battle Creek
4453		Gull Lake	Marshall
4482		Gull Lake	Kalamazoo
4483		Gull Lake	Battle Creek
5152		Gull Lake	Otsego
5161		Gull Lake	Plainwell
5194		Gull Lake	Gobles
5204		Gull Lake	Three Rivers
5227		Gull Lake	Schoolcraft
5248		Gull Lake	Hastings
5256		Gull Lake	Lake Odessa
20150146	Gull Lake	Burr Oak
20150196	Gull Lake	Paw Paw
20150300	Gull Lake	Galesburg
1502		Howell		Chelsea
2145		Howell		Lake Fenton
3536		Howell		Hartland
3568		Howell		Linden
3656		Howell		Dexter
3668		Howell		Whitmore Lake
3707		Howell		Brighton
4362		Howell		Howell
4776		Howell		Howell
5114		Howell		Fenton
70		Kettering	Goodrich
314		Kettering	Flint
322		Kettering	Flint
468		Kettering	Flushing
494		Kettering	Goodrich
894		Kettering	Flint
1243		Kettering	Swartz Creek
1322		Kettering	Fenton
1506		Kettering	Flint
1684		Kettering	Lapeer
2337		Kettering	Grand Blanc
3415		Kettering	Montrose
3534		Kettering	Davison
3535		Kettering	Lapeer
4994		Kettering	Kingston
4998		Kettering	Flint
5017		Kettering	Harbor Beach
5084		Kettering	Corunna
5150		Kettering	Flint
5155		Kettering	Ubly
5201		Kettering	North Branch
5215		Kettering	Frankenmuth
5226		Kettering	Flint
5234		Kettering	Elsie
5235		Kettering	Chesaning
5238		Kettering	Otisville
5251		Kettering	Flint
5260		Kettering	Owosso
5282		Kettering	Durand
20150170	Kettering	Clio
20150171	Kettering	Flint
20150184	Kettering	Burton
20150186	Kettering	Birch Run
20150221	Kettering	Burton
20150223	Kettering	Mt. Morris
20150307	Kettering	Lapeer
1504		Lansing		Okemos
2611		Lansing		Jackson
3655		Lansing		Mason
4216		Lansing		Jackson
4568		Lansing		North Adams
5205		Lansing		Concord
20150048	Lansing		Jonesville
20150270	Lansing		Grass Lake Twsp
66		Livonia		Ypsilanti
313		Livonia		Wayne
470		Livonia		Ypsilanti
503		Livonia		Novi
548		Livonia		Northville
830		Livonia		Ann Arbor
862		Livonia		Canton
1076		Livonia		Ann Arbor
1250		Livonia		Dearborn
2832		Livonia		Livonia
3322		Livonia		Ann Arbor
3641		Livonia		South Lyon
4390		Livonia		Dearborn
4768		Livonia		Detroit
5066		Livonia		Saline
5067		Livonia		Ann Arbor
5217		Livonia		Dearborn
5220		Livonia		Westalnd
5233		Livonia		Westland
20150024	Livonia		Ann Arbor
20150116	Livonia		Dearborn
703		Midland		Saginaw
2619		Midland		Midland
3570		Midland		Alma
3770		Midland		Bullock Creek
4382		Midland		Saginaw
4819		Midland		Mt Pleasant
5081		Midland		Bay City
5156		Midland		Pigeon
5166		Midland		Freeland
5193		Midland		Saginaw
5203		Midland		Sanford
5216		Midland		Essexville
5222		Midland		Saginaw
5224		Midland		Standish
5229		Midland		Saginaw Twsp
5231		Midland		Shepard
5257		Midland		Coleman
20150040	Midland		Midland
20150062	Midland		Midland
20150066	Midland		Harrisville
20150183	Midland		Sebewaing
20150188	Midland		Midland
20150216	Midland		Auburn
20150249	Midland		Pinconning
20150308	Midland		Midland
94		Southfield	Southfield
247		Southfield	Berkley
573		Southfield	Bloomfield Hills
835		Southfield	Beverly Hills
1025		Southfield	Ferndale
1188		Southfield	Royal Oak
1701		Southfield	Detroit
2224		Southfield	Detroit
2960		Southfield	Seaholm
3414		Southfield	Farmington
3548		Southfield	Royal Oak
4680		Southfield	Detroit
4840		Southfield	Redford twsp
4854		Southfield	Detroit
5008		Southfield	Detroit
5014		Southfield	Detroit
5239		Southfield	Harper Woods
5252		Southfield	Detroit
20150266	Southfield	Detroit
20150271	Southfield	Detroit
1254		St. Joseph	St Lawrence
1940		St. Joseph	Benton Harbor
2474		St. Joseph	Dowagiac
2959		St. Joseph	Coloma
3452		St. Joseph	Berrien Springs
3509		St. Joseph	Niles
3620		St. Joseph	St Joseph
4237		St. Joseph	Stevensville
4409		St. Joseph	Benton Harbor
4855		St. Joseph	South Haven
5056		St. Joseph	Buchanan
5069		St. Joseph	Edwardsburg
5182		St. Joseph	Dowagiac
5246		St. Joseph	Hartford
20150265	St. Joseph	Three Oaks
1596		Traverse City	Sault Ste Marie
1711		Traverse City	Traverse City
1896		Traverse City	Traverse City
2246		Traverse City	Johannesburg
3537		Traverse City	Indian River
3603		Traverse City	Reed City
3618		Traverse City	Petoskey
3639		Traverse City	Mesick
3688		Traverse City	Suttons Bay
3767		Traverse City	Traverse City
3886		Traverse City	Traverse City
4376		Traverse City	Charlevoix
4377		Traverse City	Boyne City
4398		Traverse City	Traverse City
4983		Traverse City	Mancelona
4988		Traverse City	Cedarville
5072		Traverse City	DeTour Village
5086		Traverse City	Cadillac
5110		Traverse City	Elk Rapids
5175		Traverse City	Pickford
5183		Traverse City	Gaylord
5213		Traverse City	St. Ignace
5223		Traverse City	Hillman
5230		Traverse City	Alpena
5247		Traverse City	East Jordan
5314		Traverse City	Pellston
20150157	Traverse City	Onaway
20150230	Traverse City	Bellaire
20150283	Traverse City	Roscommon
201		Troy		Rochester
217		Troy		Sterling Heights
226		Troy		Troy
245		Troy		Rochester
469		Troy		Bloomfield Hills
1718		Troy		Armada
2604		Troy		Capac
2851		Troy		Shelby Township
3302		Troy		Clawson
3539		Troy		Romeo
3667		Troy		Port Huron
4130		Troy		Richmond
4384		Troy		Troy
4810		Troy		Clinton Twsp
4961		Troy		Almont
5046		Troy		Memphis
5048		Troy		Imlay City
5167		Troy		Marysville
20150096	Troy		Rochester Hills
1		Waterford	Pontiac
27		Waterford	Clarkston
33		Waterford	Pontiac
51		Waterford	Pontiac
67		Waterford	Milford
68		Waterford	Brandon
302		Waterford	Lake Orion
308		Waterford	Walled Lake
2137		Waterford	Oxford
2612		Waterford	Waterford
2834		Waterford	Bloomfield Hills
3098		Waterford	Waterford
3538		Waterford	Avondale
4737		Waterford	West Bloomfield
5053		Waterford	Waterford
74		West Michigan	Holland
85		West Michigan	Zeeland
107		West Michigan	Holland
141		West Michigan	Holland
216		West Michigan	Grandville
244		West Michigan	Grandville
288		West Michigan	Grandville
858		West Michigan	Wyoming
904		West Michigan	Grand Rapids
1918		West Michigan	Fremont
2075		West Michigan	Grand Rapids
2405		West Michigan	Fruitport
2771		West Michigan	Kentwood
3234		West Michigan	Lowell
3357		West Michigan	Grand Rapids
3458		West Michigan	Holland
3546		West Michigan	Grand Haven
3572		West Michigan	Norton Shores
3875		West Michigan	Kentwood
4003		West Michigan	Allendale
4004		West Michigan	Muskegon
4337		West Michigan	Holton
4405		West Michigan	Plymouth
4956		West Michigan	Whitehall
4967		West Michigan	Belmont
5162		West Michigan	Big Rapids
5173		West Michigan	Fenneville
5255		West Michigan	Muskegon Heights
5316		West Michigan	Saranac
20150016	West Michigan	Grand Rapids
20150178	West Michigan	Coopersvielle
20150198	West Michigan	Big Rapdis
20150255	West Michigan	Grand Rapids
280		Woodhaven	Taylor
815		Woodhaven	Allen Park
2620		Woodhaven	Southgate
2676		Woodhaven	Ecorse
3604		Woodhaven	Brownstown
4380		Woodhaven	Detroit
4838		Woodhaven	River Rouge
5050		Woodhaven	Carleton
5090		Woodhaven	Trenton
5263		Woodhaven	Riverview
20150179	Woodhaven	Grosse Ile

Haha. Yeah. You guys have a lot more events than us. Our team is actually looking at going to an FiM event so that’s why I was curious. So do the “home teams” in their “home district” have “first dibs” on that event if they have too many people sign up for that event? Like, I’d be guaranteed to go to my “home event” no matter what? Thanks

According to what I understand is that FiM has first dibs on the events then out of district teams do after all Michigan teams have but a according to first this what they said on iter-district play for 2015 “FIRST will collaborate with FIRST HQ to fill any “open” district event spots with teams from other districts. An “open district spot” is defined as a spot that remains open after all teams in a district have had the opportunity to sign up for their two events plus any additional plays they desire.”

Pretty Much Yes… When Registration Opens for the first time, this Thursday, the choice is do you accept your home event, or do you decline your home event.

If you decline, then when registration opens up for the second event, you are trying to register for two events.

The kicker to this is FiM will hold some registration spots in reserve, for rookie teams that are in the process of forming. Last two years this reserve was 10 teams, so when registration opens for the first and second times, you are registering for events that only have a 30 team capacity. This tends to fill up fast, and ends with many teams being wait listed, and not sure of where they will compete until weeks into the build season. Which just adds stress to the whole process.

So my advise is if you can make your home event, better register for it on Thursday. :slight_smile:

I see. So I take it registration for out of district teams get to register after all teams in Fim have registered for 2 events? And will event teams list be updated on the us first website as teams sign up for the events? I found 2015 Fim districts interesting last year so I’m curious to see which FiM teams will be at which events. Thanks

I generally keep a google spreadsheet that tracks just FiM registration stats. I’ll probably post a link in the main registration thread when that pops up, but if I don’t and/or you can’t find it (because that thread blows up) PM me and I’ll send you the link.

Thanks. As a scouter, I always enjoy a good spreadsheet :wink:

Actually I believe out-of-district teams go after in-district 3rd event registration.