pic: Voronoi Diagram of PNW District Events

This is a Voronoi diagram of the PNW district events scheduled for 2016. It uses green lines to show the region that is closest to each district event, with a black dot for the location of each event. These are approximate.

According to this: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1496615&postcount=19, this will determine what the ‘home event’ assignments will be. Note that I have not seen any official literature confirming this.

it seems like the west valley event is in Cheney when in reality its in Spokane, not sure if accidental, but its small either way.

If this is correct, any eastern Oregon team past La Grande and Baker City lines are stuck to the WV event, how many teams are in that area?

No one is stuck to an event. If desired a team can opt out of the “home event” assignment.

Based on teams that competed in the 2015 season there is only one OR team east/north of that line and that is 3712.

However, if you ‘opt-out’ of your home event, you do NOT get to select any event on the first day. You would then need to select both of your events later on a first-come first-served order.

It’s also worth noting that 3712 chose to go to West Valley last year.

Yes, that’s a mistake. After fixing it the map didn’t look very different so I’m going to leave the image as is.