pic: Voronoi map of 2016 regionals: North America

This is a Voronoi map of all 2016 regionals. All locations are approximate, The Minneapolis and Duluth events are merged into one point.

This is very cool, thanks. Can you make a separate map for regionals vs. districts? There’s lots of cool michigan events near us in Ontario, none of which we can attend :frowning:

Whoops, never mind. I thought the Windsor regional was in Michigan. So embarrassing!

I had been wondering if that was in Michigan or Canada. Good to know it’s Windsor.

And this map shows why, as a UP of Michigan team, Duluth is such an appealing (but expensive) event to us.

The point that is on the border of Michigan and Canada is indeed representative of the Windsor event. The marker locations are only approximate though, and I marked the host city and not the venue itself for each event.

I think you’re missing the central valley regional.

Whoops, my bad, I uploaded an updated west coast map here.

Supposing these distances are ‘as the crow flies’, is there a way to provide a Voronoi based upon actual travel times?

Instead of a simple geometry problem, this would make it a rather demanding graph traversal problem. So my quick answer is: not feasibly.

Was more wondering if Google had the option. Seems like something they’d be interested in for their own products as well. I guess it doesn’t exist though.

I searched a bit but didn’t find anything for this. I usedthis site to generate all the maps I posted.

You want something like this: http://www.freemaptools.com/how-far-can-i-travel.htm