pic: Voronoi map of 2016 regionals: World

This is a Voronoi map of all 2016 regionals. All locations are approximate, The Minneapolis and Duluth events are merged into one point.

Can someone make a voronoi map for the observable universe? Thanks!
Would really help me out decide for next year.

Just project all of those great circle arcs as planes out into space. With the world rotating every 24 hours, most star systems change nearest neighbors several times a day, especially those between 20S and 50N.

Just a bit more seriously - it looks like the farthest place on earth from a regional is somewhere in or a bit south of Mongolia. When we add the promised regional in China, that distinction should move to a point in the far southern Atlantic. It’s still strange to realize that there are only three regionals not in North America (Hawaii, Australia, Israel), and that means none in Europe, Africa, nor South America (nor Antarctica).

If I’m not mistaken, FRC 4481 is aiming to start a European Regional in 2018, hopefully helping foster team growth on the other side of the Atlantic.

Actually, there could reasonably be a regional in South America. The pilot (in Brazil) lasted maybe two years, though. :frowning: