Well… today was the first of three sorting dates set for my team to sort the items we collected from a large school-supply recycling initiative my team started back in May. While cleaning up the team room a bit to make it easier to work, I found two L-shaped pieces of polycarbonate left over from our 2009 robot.
Needless to say, the five of us Gearheads found one more thing to do with an orbit ball…lol.

I sense that this will appear in a future caption contest…any say on that, Billfred?

I’d give it fifteen points
LOL :slight_smile:
Sweet picture Mallory!

I wish there was a “katie likes this” button. Because then I’d be pressing it. :smiley:

Should’a used a trackball :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh great, now you’re encouraging them.

runs for cover

Cover? Trackball Cover?
Are you going to do a hamster impression? :smiley:

I don’t even know where our trackball IS :eek:

Ooooh, hampster impression? I wanna seeeeee! :wink:

If she uses a trackball cover, will we be able to see her inside?
Ah well… let the charades begin?
Just remember to come out for air. :eek:

All I can say: Hoppered. :smiley:

I’m always seeing this quote… Maybe we need a “Caption Contest Suggestion” link in CD-Media?

After thinking about it I can already see some bad outcomes of that… Whatever.

Aw jeez. Caption contest? >.< I don’t need to become even more of a spectacle, Kara!!!