pic: wai.jpg

Alex wanted me to upload a WAI photo. Here you go grizzly adams. Now I only need to do this about 1000 more times to catch up to Ashley.

congratulations Rees. you are so deserving of the award.

Hey! I know that man. Congrats Jason and soon you will need to make a special room in your house just for FIRST. If your house already hasn’t been taken over by parts and such. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great picture!

Congrats again man! You sooo deserve this!


I cant believe people are still doing this to me!!!

Anyways, congrats. You really are an awesome mentor!

by that, I meant making fun of me for posting so many pictures on here.
If you read rees’s caption, it makes fun of me.

I am still VERY proud of Rees, he really is awesom :slight_smile: x6574839564378436547836

It has the Grizz Adams seal of approval!

I knew what you meant & thanks. I have a project i will need your help with. & thanks Grizz. Looking forward to the ATL.

You guys did a great job im glad we got to work with you guys this year…im glad you got EI and i hope you guys have fun in Atlanta…