pic: Waialua rainbow

While driving past Waialua High School (Team 359) on Oahu yesterday, there was an amazing rainbow that seemed to be coming down right on top of the building. I just could not resist taking this picture. Given their Regional Chairmans’ Award win this weekend, it seemed amazingly fitting (if you look closely, you will notice that it is actually a double rainbow - even better!).

thanks for the photo :slight_smile:

its not uncommon to see triple rainbows sometimes :smiley: all you gotta do is be in the right place…

:: hint hint wink wink cough cough nudge nudge:: HAWAII!!! :: hint hint wink wink cough cough nudge nudge::

The cool part of this is the sort of yin yang aspect of beginning/ending -
an ending of a beautiful regional/competition/celebration and the validation of an extraordinary beginning for the teams/Hawai’i/FIRST

nice picture i wish we could of went to hawaii

My daughter took a double rainbow photo yesterday in Pennsylvania. As cool as it is, somehow it isn’t the same as being in Hawaii! Thanks for sharing the Hawaiian rainbow, Dave!

(I’d share her photo, but I appear to be technically incompetent today and cannot seem to make it attach!)

Thanks for taking the pic. I will save it and be able to say that you came all the way to Hawaii and saw our school way north of Honolulu!
Who would have thought we would see you at
VCU week 2
Chesapeake week 3
Hawaii week 5
Championship April

What’s the chance of being with Dave for 4 weekends in March and April. Wow!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Meh, it isn’t that big of a deal. I do it all the time. :smiley: