pic: Wait a second... Team 2607 awards at Ramp Riot

I posted this picture because it felt a little weird, and miraculous, to come in first and second place at Ramp Riot today.

Some teams from NY didnt show, so some spots opened up in the competition. We had done a summer robot project, a small robot with a 18" x 18" frame perimeter. We brought it to Ramp Riot in hopes of giving it to a pre-rookie to play with, but there were none today. Long story short we ended up fielding two robots the whole day. Come alliance selection our main competiton robot comes in as second highest seed, with the minibot (as we ironically call it) in 22nd. We come to the 1st alliance last pick and team 2606, the number given to the minibot, is called.

We play through the matches and end up having it being us vs, well, us! Team 2607 against team Team 2606 (We appended our shirts, of course). Needless to say there was a lot of gesturing and booing across the field to each other.

It plays out that Team 2606 prevails, but it was a little odd going into finals knowing your real team already won either way!

I wonder what will happen when “The robotics team places 1st and 2nd place at their off-season event” is said on the announcements after this weekend.

This happened at the inaugural SCRIW event in 2011–1319 beat their twin robot (technically 3371’s, which folded over the summer).

Would love to see the minibot!

Congrats Team 2607 and Team “2606”.
Not many teams can say they were a Champion and a Finalist at the same event. And thank you helping to fill out our field of teams.
For obvious reasons our NYC teams could not participate. Our thoughts are with 694 and 369 as they work their way through post-storm issues.

Thanks Al, Jared, and all of Team 341 for yet another AWESOME Ramp Riot event - it’s always the highlight of the preseason (or is that postseason?) :slight_smile:

On our team, the level of energy and fun (and competitiveness too) at Ramp Riot never fails to inspire and get everyone - from rookies to long-term members - pumped in anticipation for the challenges that await come January!

  • Ron
    Team #2607 controls mentor

I actually remember that back in 2010, Bronx Science HS was a finalist and Champion at the NYC Regional.
We had The Bronx Science HS Girls team on our alliance and we played against the Bronx Science HS Boys Team. It made for some interesting cheers in the stands since the two teams sat together during the playoffs.

Ill see if I can get some pictures of the mini-robot tonight.

Winning both Finalist AND Winner just shows how versatile they are. Uh Huh.

Team 1676 of course thanks our gracious partners 341 and 2606.9*, without you it wouldn’t have been much fun at all.


*I can’t put a vinculum here, but if I could, that’s what would be there. And it would be accurate, eh?

Whoops, guess you (or I) cant edit posts to include pictures, I’ll try again.

I remember watching an offseason webcast back in 2008.

In 2008, 1519 built a robot for competition. The robot, IMO and many agree, was simply the circuit board. It had two “mechanism” configurations; a speedy lapper, and a hurdler. Both combined fit within the weight restriction. In many people’s eyes, this was a perfect use of the “interchangeable MECHANISMs allowed provided all of them combined stay within the weight limit” rule. They had planned to use both interchangeably depending on their match texture (who they were with and against). HQ instead decided that they had built 2 ROBOTs, and would only be allowed to compete with one of them in FIRST events.

At the offseason I’m remembering, they built a second circuit board, and ran the lapping bot as ‘9151’. For some reason I seem to recall a similar scenario, where the team’s two bots ended up head to head in the Elims.

The offseason event was Beantown Blitz.
The larger “robot” (to lift the trackballs) was named Fezzik (sp?).
and the smaller “robot” (a lap bat) was named Speed Racer.
Speed racer won the off season event (If I remember correctly)

… and as far as I was concerned, under that years rules, they were one bot with 2 configurations. Too bad FRC HQ didn’t see it that way (I thought it was most innovative).

The argument that convinced me that 1519’s dual-body 'bot wasn’t legal was its inability to satisfy the bumper rules. It certainly met the spirit of the rules, but there wasn’t enough wiggle room in the wording to let them switch between configurations.

I remember myself and many others being outraged, as it seemed to be the epitome of what that rule intends to allow, executed beautifully. In the end, I seem to recall Fezzik did not perform poorly at official events, even given its ~30 pound disadvantage.