pic: Wait, What?

The milling for these parts was generously donated by a local machine shop where I have an internship doing engineering related tasks. It’s really cool to see your ideas come to life, even if they don’t work

Those are some smexy plates and the CAD looks awesome. Can’t wait to see the next edition of parts and renders.

That is really cool. I can’t wait to see the final version. Nice work.

That is so awesome. You’ll have to let us know how the dewalt holds up to the 2 cims. Ive toyed around with this idea for a while but after Rush’s problems with it last year moved on. It would be cool if you get it to work.

Lewis = Official God of CAD

What do you mean by they don’t work? What about them is wrong?

I would say that having the output shafts break in 2008 would be a sign that something wasn’t working. I know this year they used dewalts as well, but the shock loading on the shafts was significantly reduced from 2008. I would imagine that the chain that lewis is using will serve as a bit of a shock absorber and reduce the amount of broken shafts or star keys. I know when I am designing a drivetrain, I want to never have to work on it other than tensioning chain. Having to replace a shaft or even a dewalt every so often is not a viable option in my opinion.

Thanks for clearing that up. I must have missed where he said that.

Lewis did not say that but 27 did say that last year.

I’m curious why you’re supporting the CIM shafts with bearings. We’ve never needed to do so and it seems like you could cut a significant amount of weight out of the system by clipping that chunk of your backing plate out.