pic: Wait, What?

Hey CD,

I went through and ended up machining the wheel out. At school it took whopping 30 Minutes due to the lack of a tool changer, my laziness and my inability to edit G-Code. So after I made a proto, I took it to work and my boss edited the g-code and dropping the machine time to 13 minutes.


-4 Inch Wheel
-Final Weight @ .33lbs
-AndyMark Bolt Pattern

  • 3/8th or 1/2 Bearing Hole


Very nice outcome, what do you plan to do with it?

Right now we’re just playing around with them a bit. The plans over here in NJ are for that wheel to go in here:

Note that this is only a prototype for my double block honors robotics seminar project- not for competition use.

13 minutes is a great machine time. How are you retaining the tread on the wheel?

I would like to point out the origin of this bolt pattern. Back in the day when we were given skyway wheelchair wheels in the kit, they were dead axle. FIRST included a plastic hub which sandwiched the spokes and allowed you to bold a sprocket to the wheel similar to what you do with the current AndyMark kit wheels. These hubs were a royal pain, because they did not include enough of them in the kit and since they were made at DEKA they were not easy to come by causing many teams to make their own. Since some teams just made metal copies of the hubs they used the 1.875 bolt hole pattern and over time it became a standard in FIRST. That same pattern has been seen on all IFI traction wheels, Sprockets and Andymark Products since then.

you can see the hub in this photo http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/19930

And as I recall those hubs weren’t cheap.

Sweet wheels. Bet they’d look even better anodized. :rolleyes:

Wow those wheels look SICK!
I agree that anodized would look even better.
Keep up the good work!

Great wheels. Good luck your upcoming plans :wink: