pic: Waldo Wins Chairman's

Here’s a photo showing Team 1547 Where’s Waldo, just a second after they were awarded the Regional Chairman’s Award at the Greater Toronto Regional on March 29, 2008. Not only was the entire team jumping and shouting (as one might expect), but cheering from the rest of the stadium was remarkably louder than I have heard ever before.

Ahh!!! This is such an amazing picture. Just looking at it is making me want to cry all over again. I think it was the cheering from the rest of the stadium…all chanting “WALDO” that made me cry even more than when we actually won. I’m still in shock from it all…so amazing!!!

Yeah, that was pretty amazing. Everyone chanting “WAL-DO” for more than a minute. Betcha nobody else got a reception like that one!

I wasn’t ready to cry (I was cheering too much!), but when your mentor won the WFA I was pretty choked up. Even from all the way across the stadium, I could see her, in the back row, putting her head in her hands in disbelief.

Never was a team more deserving of both.