pic: Waldo's reflection on GTR

So after the driver meeting on Thursday of the Greater Toronto Regional 2007, Waldo decided to take a little photo opp.

I’ve already showed the picture to one person and he couldn’t figure out which way we were standing. So…Where’s Waldo?

I’m going to go with your inside the playing field facing blue, I notice the rack is transparent just like you guys. Sweet picture though!!

Ghost Drivers in …The alliance station!!

Doesn’t sounds a good as the original but it works:p


outside the field.

the person in the middle has the camera that could be taking the picture, the drive team buttons are backwards, and the sponsors are also backwards, meaning it is a relfection. As the screen in the background is not flipped as it would be in a relfection, they would have to be outside the field looking at the screen.

but i probably have this all wrong…


on second thought, Im not sure at all

DING DING DING!!! hahaha yep we’re standing on the field facing the blue alliance driver stations…the sound and lighting crew are right in front of us along with the giant screen.

I just thought the picture looked pretty cool!

w000t I win!!! awww yeah! You guys had a pretty cool bot too as far as I remember. I seem to be having problems remembering whos bot was whos, so I could be mistaking your bot from another one. overall great regional there and again sweet picture