pic: Warp7 865 2014 robot: 2Chainz

6 CIM 2 speed 6 wheel belt WCD (16/7 fps)
4 MiniCIM Dual intake and pass(2 per intake)
Arms are on PID loops. Can be raised for powered catching
Very Low CG
Full height blocker
Low goal auto with HOT goal detection
Robust construction for defense

Teaser vid

We will be competing at Waterloo

Look out Waterloo, some serious defense right here, now with a low gear!

I’m just wondering, is the life of your robot on Cinemax?

If it isn’t, it should be. Cool robot contest, you in first place.
Also, no high goal scoring? I guess you and high goals, they don’t get along?


I ain’t never told no lie. Yeah I love them robots. All I want for my alliance is a big blocker bot like that. Day you’ll regret this design? That’ll be Nevurary. Simple effective designs like this; I wish more teams would like a kitchen cabinet.

It’s different, yeah it’s different. Pulled up to the webstream with it’s ceiling missin’.


He got two chains so I call him 2Chainz
Scrr…Scrr…arms moving, two speed, getting to it
Im in auto, balls everywhere
Just made a goal, hands in the air
You the fastest robot if I hold my breath
Referee, with the flag, brrrrt, hold his tech