pic: Washington Girls' Generation winning alliance trophy set

This Saturday, FRC2046 with the help of Washington FIRST Robotics will be hosting an off season FRC competition for Girls. Inspired by FRC1540 in Oregon, we decided that it would be neat to hold such a competition in Washington. The kids just finished the winning trophy set tonight. The three trophy bases fit together symbolizing the need for each team in the alliance to work and “fit” well together. The trophies are each made from a 1/2" polycarbonate border with 1/4" aluminum inserts on a mahogany base.

I’ve always wanted to build trophies that link an alliance together like these for the Beantown Blitz. Kudos for beating me to it, they look great.

Good luck with the event.


Those are pretty awesome looking!

Clever trophy and quite unique. That’d make for interesting reunions in the future (ie 4+ years) of teams. I can already see the post in the future when someone finds the trophy, and posts a picture of a third of the piece of the total trophy and wondering where the rest of it is… :rolleyes:

Very cool trophies.

Thanks for hosting Girls Generation. It was extremely well run.
Our girls really enjoyed the event.