pic: Wasp Improved

Remedied the chances for explody-fun and cut enough weight to make the wedge much beefier. Hit me with them questions/comments/concerns.

Is the weapon only going to spin one way? Generally for my spinning weapons I like to slightly angle or curve the bars that go to the outer ring of my spinning weapons so that they better handle load in the direction they will be hitting.

Put a whistle on it

If you use the weapon to hit something really hard, all the reaction forces will probably go through the middle of the chassis where the weapon mounts. That part of the chassis doesn’t seem to be robustly connected to the rest of the chassis. Since your spinning weapon is your defense to some extent, consider siphoning some weight from the sides of the chassis to strengthen the middle.

It spins both ways. We’ll see if I can sacrifice some weight for curved spokes.


The forces will actually go through the bottom of the chassis and the top plate. I made the motor mount/mast mate with the clearance hole for the weapon so the to plate can provide extra rigidity. My weapon mount is basically the whole robot now.

Why do you need the weapon to spin both ways?

I don’t need it to, that’s just how brushless motors work. I’m not gonna be randomly changing the direction the disc rotates throughought the fight unless I get high centered or flipped.