pic: Watching Week 3 Regionals

Where did you get the feeds for all of these cause I would love to do something like this for weeks 4 + 5


This reminds me of a sports bar where there’s a bunch of games on different TV’s. Only this is better because it’s FIRST. :smiley:


So cool!

Just search the regional’s thread on CD here and you’ll find a feed link in it somewhere.

That rocks on so many levels, lolol I was running 4 on two monitors XD Anybody hooked up a regional to their TV?

You can go to Soap Gameday. It is a really great site. You can chat with others while watching the matches from any regional with a webcast. You can also see all the match listings, teams, and rankings. Here is the site:


They also have some archived regionals, as well as links to different individual webcasts here:


The service is provided by SigmaC@T, Team 108. A website just as cool as the CD forums. Give all thanks to them.

This is the only way to watch the diff regionals. Very clever!!
Good luck in the rest of your season!!

dont forget to thanks team 1002 for hosting it for 108 or the sponsor sevaa.com for giving 1002 the free hosting…

Right… I didn’t know that but thanks to them too.

My real question is how are all these matches so high resolution? Because all the UStream feeds are very low resolution, yet it looks perfect on these screens and I don’t see any watermarks.

Doesn’t SoapGameDay mostly have UStream feeds?


If I remember correctly, only two of the five streams were uStream.tv streams. The others, I think, were Windows Media streams being hosted by NASA.

I can see some good strategies being produced from that.

This should also be in the pits at regionals. especially your own regional then you’d know what match is happening.

All the Webcasts are located here: http://firstwiki.net/index.php?title=2009_Webcasts

The webcasts for weeks 4 and 5 will be updated as they are setup.