pic: Water Game?

[quote=Conor Ryan]Bonus points for the first picture with a Rack (partial or full) next to a pool![/quote]

Well, this is the 177 demo rack that we built post-season, so it might count. After we went to the State Legislature to receive a citation for our performance this year, I asked if I could borrow the rack for a day, and the rest is, well, as you can see ;-).

Ok well although I said Next to a pool, in it works just as well. Ok Chris, your +1

i think i’ll try that…hmmm…

Since I am Team 102’s unofficial robot, I volunteer to play :smiley:

I wonder how Rack N’ Roll would turn out in a pool being played by humans? just imagine the defense:D

Yeah, I was wondering why you wanted to borrow that… :cool:

I didn’t think you’d actually do that so quickly.

Oh, you’d want to see how it is on the real rack with humans playing. I got a vid I can post if you want to see.

I feel it is worth note that this is the very same pool that your and I’s current Who Am I’s were taken in.

I thought it looked familiar… lol.

*I still hold my stand on a ridiculous water game… Dave, stop playing games with my heart (brain).

And the dog in the background is the very same dog as is featured in your current avatar…

After doing this, a water game seems entirely more feasible and fun. The rack, or any goal, floats around a lot. Maybe next year’s game will feature autonomously moving goals as well…?

The blue keeper doesn’t count - it’s supported by game pieces. Then again, so is the red, indirectly … (ducks and covers)

Hm…red and white flowers, one of those little solar covery things, white fence…:rolleyes:

looks up

Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just taking some notes…:stuck_out_tongue:

i’m ready for a pool party. i’ll bring water noodles for bumpers!

that is sooooooo sweet!

Do you have a magnifying glass or something? I see the red/white flowers but no solar lights (assuming that’s what you mean)… or white fence (looks like a house to me).

Don’t mind me either, I just question Alexa’s ability to see things correctly. That’s what happens when I get tired and definitely don’t want to go to sleep. :smiley: