pic: Waterford District Winners

On behalf of team 548 I just wanted to say that we had a great event at Waterford! No one could tell it was a first time event because it ran smoother than many established events! Kudos to Jack and team, Tom, Jim, Grant, Ben and all the control, field, and other staff for working through any problems and getting it all done well! Thanks!

Like all of our first season events, we opened the bag, got the robot to run (pretty well!) and started competing and fixing problems. We didn’t get them all fixed…never got autonomous working (worked fine back at the school, imagine that!)…but some of the ones we did fix stayed fixed! We had the pleasure of being selected by 3539 and also paired with 3620. We couldn’t have asked for better partners, both with great robots and great people. This was one of those days when the right things happened at the right time and it was an emotional thrill for our whole alliance to win the finals.

We could have just floated on home but since things were going our way the next thing we know we were all filing down to get the Chairman’s award. Some of us had seen our neighbors, Frog Force 503, win the event and the Chairman’s at West Michigan a couple of years ago and it is quite an honor. Our team is large this year with over 70 students of which 26 are first timers. You can’t really have a better first event as a robotics person!

Thanks again to our alliance partners, our great pit neighbors and friends, all of our elimination round competitors, any of which could have just as easily been on top had the tubes not hung our way and the minibots not deployed, the entire event staff, FIRST of MI staff and the parents, teachers and mentors of 548 that enabled the students to experience such a day!