pic: Waterjet nastiness Dermilogical Effects -face

this is my face a day after being exposed to the waterjet mud. when i was taking the grills off it woulc sometimes splash onto my face.

I hope you were using eye protection. :ahh:

how in the world did that happon

When he did this: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=38541

That’s gotta suck Tytus… get well soon!

He was cleaning the grill on the waterjet. When he was taking the grills off… it would sometime splash on his face.

Safety glass is my best friend as well as Tyty’s, We have safety glasses with us when we are doing something robotics related.

Do you happen to know what exactly in the Waterjet Residue caused this reaction? Hope you feel better.

Hey, has anyone seen my pet jellyfish? I left it right here by the Waterjet…

its the plywood particles. either the adheisave, or the fungis decomposing them because i am not alergic to aliminum steel or nickel

How about Garnet? Are you allergic to Garnet? Most (95%) waterjet cutters use garnet media mixed with the water.

deffanetly not. i handle it all the time. but when the tankgets like this it allows all sorts of bacteria and fungus to breed. i should have thought of that before.

Waterjets are also used to cut composites. Fiberglass dust will do that sort of thing to you as well, graphite too. I think garnet is probably too inert to cause problems like that, but I know graphite or glass fibers will.

I once had a bad run in with fiber glass. It caused the same thing to happen. But you never know what is growing in that gunk. Does it itch or hurt? And Tytus… I figured you would be smarter than to stick your hand in that crud. Guess not. :wink:

thats true, but we havent cut any fiberglass or composites with it