pic: Waterloo Crew Watching the Webcast Chat

The crew at Waterloo watching the webcast chat in between matches, getting new words and themes for Karthik and Paul to use for the announcer game.

That’s what me and Michelle were doing in Florida.
You know you overdosed on FIRST when your checking FIRST chat rooms while working at a FIRST event!:rolleyes:

Nice thumbs up, Jonathan. It is good that Waterloo takes care of its volunteers – those are some fine looking cookies on the table.

Those cookies were tasty :smiley: (thanks Kayla!)

That was hilarious. I wish soap archived the banter between matches.

Michelle and I were in that, too!

“No, Libby, you can’t have a shoutout.”
“NO! I will not do a pretty pretty princess match”

and best of all…

“IDK, my BFF Karthik?”
“OH EM GEE I’m Paul’s BFF!?”

Thanks to the Waterloo Crew for putting up with us crazy chatters.

You guys were awesome this weekend. The announcer game was HILLARIOUS. It pretty much made it worth it for me to watch the regionals this weekend.

Photo Credits to Pat Fairbank for this one

That section of the scorers table was definitely a popular spot. Everyone there and online in the chat kept me laughing all day long.

To not take credit away from those to whom it’s due, that photo was taken during the only 5 minutes I spent at the scorer’s table all weekend. I had other things to do with my time. :stuck_out_tongue:

rofl… i still thought the dares me and paul did were awesome haha…

cheseburger macaroni hamburger helper, FTW!


“Boop” was by far my favorite word to use simply becasue it irritated Tom B so badly.

I also brought back some of my previous year favorites:


Swing and a Miss

It’s up, it’s over, and it’s good!

My 7 year old son especially liked, “Autobots, roll out!”

The most favorite regional I have announced at, bar none! The webcast people were outstanding. We are onto something with this interactive live chat thing. The crowd at the event was not as confused as people may think.

J-No and Kate: great job and you made it fun. BTW, Kate you totally have already lost the bet to Karthik.