pic: Waterloo Regional Winners - Team 2185

Congratulations to team 2185 for winning at the Waterloo Regional along with teams 2056 and 2609.

Congrats on Winning, you where super next door pit neighbours!

Have fun in Atlanta!

Congrats. It was great just to get to the finals. You were great competition. Best of luck in Atlanta.

thanks a lot guys, im glad we were able to make it and will be able to experience it.

Hope to see you guys there!

I hope so too, but we will need to be near perfect in GTR to do it.

well all the best of luck, and if you guys need anything il do my best.

Thanks for being a hard working alliance partner, great team work! Pleasure working with you guys.

you too, was a great experience…

Great job team 2185…you guys got what it takes; when the going got tough the tough got going… suprise all the doubters at GTA. :cool: