pic: Wave Robotics 2826 2011 Robot Landshark MKIII

Wave Robotics presents their 2011 robot: Landshark MKIII!
Jump Drive: 8 FPS Mecanum, 13FPS plaction wheels.
Telescoping arm with automatic positioning, able to score on all three rows.
Roller claw with full articulation.
Tower allignment device.
Minibot: Deploys and climbs in

Video of deployment and autonomous at www.youtube.com/waverobotics

Looking good. I keep telling my scouts to watch out for 2826 as I expect a break out year from you guys. Any video of it?

“Jump Drive: 8 FPS Mecanum, 13FPS plaction wheels”
Curious why the mecanums would be geared slower then the placation. I would assumed you would be running on the mecanums most often and use the placation to push…

I’m incredibly jealous. That’s beautiful. From the sheetmetal work, to the arm, to the roller claw, to the minibot… top to bottom, it’s amazing.

I expect amazing things from you guys all year, especially at the Championship. I really think you guys are the most underrrated team in FIRST.

Coolest gripper of 2011.

Good luck Tyler! Expecting the same things at Picone.

Looks great. I wondered if these jump drive mecanum teams would put the mecanums at lower speeds than the traction wheels. When we did mecanums at 20+ fps in 2008 they went sideways very poorly. At 8 fps I bet it strafes great.

2826 is not a secret in our books. We saw them at 10,000 Lakes and Champs their rookie year (2009) and we were very impressed.

I see you went with the arm design rather than a elevator, and now I’m very curious to see if it is up to snuff with past years. And knowing you guys, it probably is. But alas, we will only have the assured chance to see it at WI as I know you’re going to Midwest this year instead of 10K Lakes. Best of luck there and I hope to see you at WI!

P.S. Thanks to whomever sent the picture of your minibot to us! It was very helpful even if we don’t have it working quite yet…

I’d expect that they’re using their mecanums as “fine tuning” wheels for maneuvering in the scoring area and picking up tubes, in order to save on time having to back up and reposition. Their plactions will likely be used to traverse the open field to get to new tubes and get back to the safe zone.

Thanks, I look forward to seeing you guys at WI! It looks like my picture description got cut off where I was posting the video links.

I ment to put deploys and climbs in <2 sec. Video of our deployment and autonomous in HD (though now changed) is at www.youtube.com/waverobotics

Basically, We use the plaction as our “boost” for open areas and straight always and to gain traction if needed. Mecanum is our primary drive and we are more reliant on speed and maneuverability then torque.

Thanks for noticing the design work Chris and Akash! Sadly, a lot of it is covered up by our bumpers :frowning: . We are hoping for a great year and a great experience for our students!

The arm works fairly well, but does jitter a bit, we added a “tendon” which dramatically reduces the jumping and jittering of the arm.

We wanted to explore a different regional this year, especially with the way that Spring Break worked out this gave us a chance to do so. I would expect in future years that we will be back at 10,000 lakes.

Thanks for the compliments everybody! Look forward to seeing you soon!