pic: Wave Robotics 2826 Drive Teaser

2012 Drive Frame Teaser

With that low of a ground clearance I take it you’re not going over the barrier this year?

I think they are. That’s a Delrin angle on the near end, or I’m greatly mistaken.

The sheetmetal parts are looking great this year guys. Looking forward to seeing the completed robot. I’m interested to see exactly how you are powering the wheels as it appears to be dead axles (3/8" Grade 8 Bolts) but I don’t see any pulleys or sprockets.

Looks like about an 1" of ground clearance. And I believe those slides on the front edge of the chassis (im guessing teflon, Delrin, or HDPE) allow them to go over the barrier, FRC2168 is doing something similar this year.

What size are the wheels? I don’t really have a good perspective to tell if they are 4" or 6".

Excuse my curiosity, but what’s a Delrin Angle? I’m assuming it’s the slanted piece to go over the bump, but then again, you never know. Well, you probably know, but I don’t.


The angled part of the frame appears to be covered by Delrin, which is a rather slick type of plastic. The other option that I can think of, HDPE, is also somewhat slick, but Delrin is slicker. In block form, Delrin has been used as a chain tensioner in the past–stick the block in so the chain is slightly too tight and let it find its own tension by digging into the block.

Thanks! I appreciate it! :smiley:

Delrin is a material developed by DuPont and is widely used by teams. That piece could also be HDPE or UHMW.

If you zoom into the picture, it looks as if the wheels are riding on hex shafts, if so, I’d imagine that the ends of the shafts have been drilled and tapped to allow the use of bolts as retainers.

That sheet metal work is absolutely gorgeous. Looking great so far! How high will your bumpers be?

Delrin is the Dupont trade name for Acetal.

That robot is definitely going over the bump.:rolleyes:

I only have one question what is the angle of the thing in the front?

We are powering the wheels Via belt and pulley, similar to a west coast in some respects. It runs inside of the 2 C channels that make up one side of our drivetrain. The wheels are our custom 4".

Those are nice looking wheels, where did you get that black tread??

Very slick, folks!

Thanks for the questions and compliments everybody, I will try to answer some of the questions the best I can.

We most definately are!

You are correct sir!

Thanks for the compliment! Our bumpers will reach about 9 1/2" high.

45 Degrees

The wheels are custom made, and the tread comes from a company called Milcut based out of Milwaukee.

My only criticism is that 2826 doesn’t share our regional schedule this year… :frowning:

You guys better qualify for St. Louis!

Very slick as always! Can’t wait to see the rest of it in Duluth!