pic: Wave Robotics 2826 Kicker Prototype

Prototype for our kicker design. Our goal is to shoot and reload within three seconds. Kicker currently is a piece of wood shaped in the form of a wedge (I have always wanted a “woodie” bot). Comments are always welcome!
Video located at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLY5gI3AXe0

Looks great! What are you guys using to power it?

Is that all the farther you can kick? (I’m joking)

Is that a bicycle tube?

I’m interested in what you guys are using to release your winch. I see that you have a winch, but I can’t tell if it’s a shifter or a clutch…

48 feet :eek: make sure you give a heads up notice to the guys in the queue line!

Is the distance/force going to be adjustable? Cant wait to see you guys In Wisconsin!


Looks great! I am looking forward to seeing you guys at the Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional this year!

So seeing as you guys are focusing on kicking devices at the moment, it can’t hurt too much to send us last year’s crab drive system, can it? :smiley:

Edit: Evan, what are you talking about 2007? We weren’t even in the inner-tube one!

Thank you all for your constructive comments and questions! I apologize about the delay in responding.

Currently being powered by a window motor with no gearing. Plan is to use two windows together and gear it so we are able to increase the speed it “winds” up.

Our next goal is to be able to kick it all the way to Fond Du Lac :rolleyes:. The material is actually the coated surgical tubing.

Actually right now we do not have anything on this prototype for a release, other than just cutting the rope that it was winding up. We are looking at using several different options, but are not set on a certain release mechanism yet.

Thanks for the compliment on the crab drive, but I can guarantee you that you would not want to use that design for this year’s game. Last year we put that robot on carpet (RIP) and it nearly ripped the drive modules off because of the friction…