pic: Wave Robotics 2826

Wave Robotics “Jump” drive switches back and forth between mecanum or plaction wheels. A little bit differant than the Ocotcanum drives that have been posted. Check out our first test drive of just the mecanum at http://www.youtube.com/user/WaveRobotics (We will have more video uploaded of the drive switching back and forth in the future).

As a mecanum hater, at first I thought “eh, why would Wave choose mecanum?!?!”. But then I saw the traction wheels and now I want to be your alliance partner :slight_smile: .

I have to say I am impressed with a crab drive your rookie year, suspension last year and now this. I look foward to seeing the final 'bot at Wisconsin and Midwest this year.

If anyone can pull it off it’s Wave Robotics. If you build a competitive crab drive your rookie year, an octocanum should be no problem.

2826 is coming home with medals this year, SOMEwhere!

Nice work! I like the incorporated waves in the sideplate as well as the pivot arm.

Very clean looking design.


Awesome cheesing! Too bad no one will see it because of the bumpers… and cool octocanum

I would have loved to see you guys back in Minnesota this year, it looks amazing.

Seems like octocanum is the fad of 2011. This is at least the third independently developed one I’ve seen pics of.

We actually had a big discussion about doing this but most of the team is new this year and just couldnt grasp what we were trying to describe so we didnt end up doing it.

Wave Rocks!:smiley:

Looking forward to seein’ it in person :wink:

That sheet metal work is nice.

All of these Octocanums really wish that we would have made a prototype one in the off season…

Note to self: Prototype Octcanum this fall.

Looks like 148 set a trend here.



Nicely done!

148 didn’t use mecanum wheels. They also weren’t the first to incorporate articulating drive pods or drop-down drives.

In another thread, JVN posted that 148 prototyped an octocanum system.

148’s robot in 2010 was also by far the most popular / visible “articulating drive pod” drivetrain in recent memory.