pic: Wave Robotics Chairman's Award Picture

Wave Robotics had a great time at the Northern Lights Regional. This is our first Chairman’s award as a team and the first time we have qualified for Championships on non-robot performance since our rookie year in 2009. I am very proud of the efforts that we have put together in five short seasons.

I think I can speak for all of UPS when I say we are so happy and proud for you all, and love to be able to call you guys friends.

P.S.: I’m pretty sure “UPS PLAN B” will be a great story in our teams’ history for years to come :slight_smile:

Hey I think I see my team in the background…

But seriously congrats on the Chairman’s award! Also congrats on your finalist achievement, it was fun playing against you in the quarter finals. Although I could have done without the UPS PLAN B… but its was fun anyway!

Good luck at worlds!


Congrats on the Chairman’s award!

Good job, and I hope you had lots of fun doing that which got you there. Have fun at St. Louis!

Congratulations, Wave! Last year I thought these guys were one of the most underrated teams on the field, but they shed that label with their performances on Archimedes and at IRI. Now they’ve gotten themselves some well deserved recognition for their actions off the field, with their first Regional Chairman’s Award. I expect this Chairman’s Award will be the first of many to come.

Congratulations. Chairmans is such an honor to be awarded. It sure must feel good! I hope to get a chance to meet your team someday.

Congrats guys. You are one of the best teams in FIRST, and continue to do well both on and off the field. Keep it up.

Congrats! We all look forward to seeing you next week!

Fellow Wisconsinites:D …Congrats!! From Team 930 Mukwonago BEARs.

Look forward to seeing you guys!

Congrats Wave!! Well deserved, such an outstanding team! :slight_smile: