pic: Wave Robotics FRC2826 Landshark Mk. IV

Wave Robotics presents: Landshark Mk. IV

I like the combo bridge tipper and ball intake… a rather interesting way of having both ample ball intake abilities and a long drivetrain.

That big, beefy, multifunction arm reminds me of a certain man. *(http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080304135517/uncyclopedia/images/a/ae/Trogdor.png) (Landshark-man?)

Burninators aside, that is one of the best looking robots I have seen all year. I love a lot of the design details. Anyone who gets to see this robot should take a long, hard look at their drivetrain.*

Video? Please?

If the ball intake comes down aren’t you violating R35 by blocking your team number?

The bot looks great! What material do you use on your collector rollers?

Rule 35 states,
“Teams shall display their team number on the Bumpers in four locations at approximately 90° intervals around the perimeter of the Robot. The numerals must be at least 4 in. high, at least ¾ in. in stroke width, and be either white in color or outlined in white. Team numbers must be clearly visible from a distance of not less than 100 ft, so that judges, referees, and announcers can easily identify competing Robots.”

This rule is in effect so that teams display their numbers visibly, they don’t want little numbers on your robot, you always have the possibility of something blocking the numbers. No rule implicitly states that an appendage cannot block your team numbers.

Also, to answer your question avan, the structure of the rollers on our robot are formed by polycarbonate tubing. The belts are held in place by what I believe is silicon sheeting cut into strips.


If I could direct you attention to this thread. That rule also says for it to be visible for 100ft away but if your ball pick up is blocking that number, then you wouldn’t even be able to see the numbers for 2ft away. Violating rule R35. Don’t get me wrong I like your robot. Just asking a question.

There’s a good thread on this:

Particularly, Al’s response:

“How long does your appendage cover the numbers on your bumper?”. If the answer is ‘most of the match’, ‘the entire match’ or ‘as soon as auto starts’ I would think you have crossed into the “obscured” definition. If the answer is ‘only when we are picking up a ball’ then I would think that prudence suggests that you are not obscuring the number.

If another robot or the bridge is in the way you won’t be able to see the numbers from any distance so it shouldn’t matter if an appendage comes down and blocks the numbers.

The numbers are on the bumpers in the correct places, in the correct orientation, and the correct size. It shouldn’t matter if something from the robot comes down and blocks the numbers, there are 3 other places on the robot that are easily seen even when the intake is down. No where in the rules does it state that the appendage can’t block the numbers on the bumpers, so there is no problem (that is until the GDC goes and changes the rules just like they did with the bridge).

A. Per [R35], team numbers must be clearly visible. This means that they may not be inverted, obscured, fragmented, upside down, etc. Bumpers that wrap around a corner are likely to be considered fragmented and not able to be seen in their entirety.

This is an answer given by the GDC on the 19th. According to the GDC’s interpretation, if the numbers are obscured, you’re not in compliance with R35?

I see obscure to mean that you use a font that is easily legible so your not using windings or some other crazy font thats hard to read. Yes obscure has the meaning of concealment but it also has the meaning making something difficult to understand or unclear, that is the obscure I see when looking at the Q&A answer.

They made the rule that you are allowed to use an appendage, no where does it say that your appendage can’t block the numbers on the bumpers. Also considering that the appendage can be articulated during the match to be in several positions that doesn’t block the numbers I see no reason why it would be considered against the rules.

I’ve seen this robot at the Charger Robotic Scrimmage, and the photo doesn’t do it justice. Their shooter is powered by four RS-775 motors. They can probably make a basket from anywhere on the court.


I appreciate you looking out for us. When we were at Sussex we had a veteran inspector look at our robot and this rule was not pointed out to be in violation.

Regardless we are planning on moving ahead with our current design and will have to deal with any consequences that may happen.

Mark: We have actually reduced to two RS775’s and have been able to achieve the distance and speed as we still need while consuming less power (it’s nice to be able to drive the robot at a decent speed and spin the motors at the same time)

I think the more appropriate Q/A is:

Game - The Robot » Bumper Rules
Q. Can the bumpers be covered at any point by a dynamic appendage on the robot?
FRC1648 2012-01-14
A. There are no rules prohibiting this.

I read that one. But that has nothing to with bumper numbers.

How does it not have anything to do with the bumper numbers? The numbers are part of the BUMPERS.

Hey guys- It was great playing with you at the Lake Superior regional. Excellent robot!