pic: Wave Robotics with Dean Kamen, their newest member, at EAA Meet & Greet

So THIS is why Wave had such an awesome first year… Dean Kamen was on their team the whole time!

Judging by the fact they brought their entire team to Airventure, I’m willing to bet it has something to do with the fact they’re willing to get off the ground in something they’ve built.

Speaking of which, is there actually higher than normal concentration of homebuilders in the town of Oshkosh?

Lol I do not know the answer to the second question if you are being serious, but EAA is one of our sponsors so we had an area in the expo hall where we demo’d the robot and let people drive it, and another at KidVenture where kids played the 5th Gear simulator and build electrical circuits.

That is incredibly cool.
I’m extremely jealous.

EDIT: Looks at picture

Sorry Katie, but he is wearing Denim, we gave him a team shirt, but I called him out during our presentation and promised that we would get him a denim team shirt in the future.

So was this Oshkosh, Fondy, and Appleton then?

Playing host to Dean Kamen is one reason, among a short list of others, to pass on IRI. Congrats to Oshkosh on the great year.

Appleton was not able to attend, but we were very happy that the Fond Du Lac team was able to make it.
Unfortinutely, this had nothing to do with not attending IRI since this was on Sunday. We had some logistic issues with the entity that we run through.

I would pay for a denim Wave Robotics T-Shirt. …granted I’d pay for any Wave Robotics T-Shirt but yeah.