pic: Wayne C. messes up on the road again...

Last time it was the batteries, this time before anything fell off, he ran out of gas.

I was riding with Waynep as all of this unfolded.

Watching from the warmth inside the car - I felt a wave of nostalgia for all these moments of being involved with a FIRST team. Flat tires, overheated vehicles pulling trailers, gas - lack of, getting lost - those moments.

To kick it up a notch or two, there is probably never a dull moment with FRC 25 and Mr. C.

ha, that’s pretty funny. good thing your robot doesn’t run off of gas, you might have some problems during the competitions.

you disappoint me Wayne P., I expect you to be a little more prepared than that.:slight_smile:

Sorry, we are going to miss seeing you in Pittsburgh. We’re headed to Midwest this year and possibly Buckeye. But hopefully we can meet up in Atlanta.


his face is wonderful!

Wayne C. ran out of gas. We spotted him pulled over on the side of the road, called and asked if he and his wife were alright. Then went to a gas station and circled back. We got a good laugh out of this one…and will continue to laugh about it. Oh or your disappointed in my amusement of the situation…if so I’m sorry.

I’m going to miss seeing the ThunderHawks and waving your giant black flag. Please give my regards to the rest of the team. Hopefully I’ll see you guys at the CMP. Best of luck this season. Can’t wait to see how you guys rock this game.

Mr. C does these things purposefully…

While you’re all rolling on the floor laughing, he’s behind the scene, building another monster of a robot. It’s all a smoke screen!:smiley:

Look on the bright side…at least he didn’t hit a deer :wink: Thanks for another entertaining moment Wayne.

How did you know???:ahh::ahh::ahh::ahh:

Is that a bottle of Tide detergent? Is he stopping to wash some shirts?

cant you feel the love?..

Geez- Mrs. C doesnt check the gauge and we get wrapped up in the kickoff and now I never hear the end of it. !!!

yes- the wildlife is safe, no- it isnt a smokescreen, no I wasnt looking for the lost battery cart and everyone iknows I never wash my shirts

and I guarantee we won’t run out of gas on the field… but we still cant figure out how to stop the flying trackball from going through the far player station wall!!

:cool: WC

Everyone who knows Wayne knows that he always has gas.
He should have taken the battery cart. It goes faster.
Is it a coincidence that your license plate says RAM or have they seen you drive?