pic: Wayne Makes a Friend at Ramp Riot

Here is Wayne C. showing his devotion to the Phillies at Ramp Riot.

OK, i am starting a thread on this pic, just because I can’t believe no one has yet. :wink:

Wayne: Does this make you a Philies fan?

that’s one…

Well who do they support in New Jerssey?
Mets? Yankees? Anyone?

I like how I tried desperately NOT to be in this photograph, and yet, there I am looking goofy in the background. XD

And Mets all the way, Ed.

Sara sees London.
Sara see Feance.
Sara sees the Fanatic’s underpants (and really wishes she didn’t).

This reminds me of a story…

The year, 2000 The place Disney World, The Event, FIRST Nationals

Big Mike being a high school sophomore was wandering MGM Studios Park with friends when low and behold Chewbacca is out in front of the Star Tours Ride, so what does Big Mike do you ask? He gets his photograph taken. and for 7 years now he has had that picture with the comment that Mr. Cokeley made the first time he saw it, "One is a big hairy monster, the other is Chewbacca.

well Cokeley consider this … Revenge of the Mike

I just though there was music playing and you were swaying back and forth. Your lean and Wayne’s lean is the same!

Yankees Ftw!!! lol

Believe it or not Wayne, I am a true diehard Phillies fan since the 70’s, all the way from Hawaii! I actually remember watching them win the world series back in 1980!:ahh: We made it a point to check out Philly and the stadium during the NJ regional weekend. Of course it was on the way to Atlantic City also. hehe…

So… what the heck is the Phillies Mascot supposed to be anyways? lol

It looks like it belongs on Sesame Street or something, or maybe even in Avenue Q. :rolleyes:

Nonetheless, it looks like it was designed by Jim Henson’s creature shop…

So what is it?

Right before that picture was taken the Fanatic poured water all over one of our mentors.:mad:
Then a minute later our mentor did the same thing back.:smiley:

It is some kind of hairy bird, not sure what that has to do with Philadelphia, but it is in the mascot hall of fame.

Does the nose honk?
There’s nothing better than a big honkin’ nose.

edit - beak? mouth?



(BTW- thats the Philly Phanatic- a Sesame Street character run amok. And NO- I dont like the Phillies- nor much of any baseball lately)

Kinda… he had one of those party blower things… makes no noise just like… uhhh like this!


He’s called the Phillie Phanatic. He actually has ties to Jim Henson’s creature shop, so nice guess there.

Mike, I still have that picture. In fact, I was the one who took it. Shall I post?..

hahahahhahaha, this is a classic FIRST picture…

When a North Jersey guy can warm up to the world’s biggest Phillies fan, there is hope for everyone! :smiley: