pic: Wayzeta, Edina, and Visitation at State Fair

A big group picture from the MN State Fair

That’s White Bear Lake, not Wayzata.

:o Oh my gosh…i’m soo sorry

ha ha thats embarrasing

It’s okay, we’re commonly confused with other “W” schools and Wayzata had a banner there.

the good news is that the Robettes and Edina won’t be at the same regional this year. When i saw the vision targets, i was worried we might have balls thrown at us if we sat near each other!

haha very true…love it polsky so cute!!

If I’m remembering correctly being early at night, That you aren’t really supposed to wear any clothing that can have the possibility of the camera seeing you. Unless i’m thinking of some different rule that i’m thinking differently cause otherwise a lot of teams with green and pink will have t-shirt issues.

Edit: Also here is a link to our website of photos at the statefair, sorry to the other teams as most of the pictures are featuring us http://www.whitebearlakerobotics.com/index.php?page_id=photos/statefair08