pic: WCD: 1515's Tentative 2013 Drivetrain

Tentatively MorTorq’s 2013 drivetrain (and my first full SolidWorks project). This revision features modular electronics and a superstructure mount.
Our electronics are on the underside of the lexan in the back and are able to slide out of the frame for maintenance. The battery locks it in place.
The design also features WCP 2-speed gearboxes and colson hubs to maximize our resources.

are the gearbox’s is in that middle

in the middle***

Yes. This is a relatively typical WCD using the WCP gearboxes.

Well, now you’ve gone and made me download Inventor again.
Looks good, though I’m curious, do you have a massive connector for the electronics board, or do you have to remove all connections to the robot separately to be able to completely remove it from the bot?

My team was thinking about using the WCProducts gearbox too, however it says out of stock. Have you been able to contact RC about if they are actually out of stock or if the website just isn’t updated?