pic: WCD Chassis Idea

Okay you have a good point. But the way you came a cross seemed high and mighty; which I tend to have issues with. I agree. I could have gone looking. But sense we were on the topic, it was quicker just to ask the question sense i have other things to be doing as well. And seeing as I don’t even have a team right now, or the means to make this. I don’t expect the design to even come to life, so I wasn’t exactly worried about the rules of how many.

The rules that haven’t been released yet? :wink:

Or make them up. Adding constraints to your designs will cause you to think of interesting solutions. Say for example you don’t want to use wheels to move, cad a solution to that. Or the ever popular Jello game, figure out how to move on Jello. Yeah letting your imagination go wild is great but without constraints your work is worthless as both a practical design and as an effective mental exercise.

Some suggested constraints:

Sub 30lb drive train (INCLUDING electronics)

Modular drive train

Drive train that can accept multiple types of wheels and still remain functional (Think mecanum or 6" plactions)

Get away from the all aluminum designs.

Robot that can traverse a 6" step (using 4" wheels).

Robots that could move up a wall.

Basically let’s try to get away from the design mantra of Copy 254 that I keep seeing. “Oh, I know, let’s all make pretty renders of basically the same darn thing” Show some creativity, show some uniqueness. You know the nonadrive was designed by a student over the summer right? That is new and I would LOVE to see something like that. Even if it has no practical use right now.